Machine Vision Systems

Make deep learning your organization’s competitive advantage.

Are you frustrated by the hours of effort required to compensate for the false positive rate of your machine vision system despite the investments you’ve made? Or, have you disqualified machine vision because traditional methods don’t work for your products?

It doesn’t have to be this way any longer.


Mariner uses a deep learning algorithm that exceeds the capabilities of human inspectors.

Rapid ROI

Installed in less than 60 days, Spyglass Visual Inspection can pay for itself in weeks, not years.

Risk Free

If we cannot demonstrate an AI model that solves your machine vision problem, your money is refunded.

The Path to Better Quality

Define Success

We work with you to define your unique vision accuracy requirements.

Supply Images

Provide sets of images of your products that represent acceptable quality as well as images of each class of defect.

Prove It Works

Using the supplied images, we'll configure an AI model that demonstrates the required accuracy.

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What People Are Saying About Spyglass Visual Inspection

“The solution is so effective that we can now offer our customers a 30 percent savings on power costs.”

Power Management Company

“I am so pleased with the solution! Thank you for helping me take a risk that has helped us tremendously!”

Placeholder Company

“Couldn’t be more excited to become the change agent in my field. This is an amazing solution for us.”

Power Management Company

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What You Get With Spyglass Visual Inspection

Be The Change Agent

Manufacturers are racing to adopt technology to gain Industry 4.0 traction. Spyglass Visual Inspection gives you a fast, low risk path to jumpstart your efforts.

Improve Operational Excellence

If you’re like many of our customers, you’re expending enormous labor expense compensating for the inaccuracy of your existing vision systems. This inefficiency prevents you from further automating your production lines reducing profits, increasing false negatives – defective products you ship to your customers.

Gain First Mover Advantage

Many manufacturers are in commoditized markets. The only way to increase profits or strategic advantage is by reducing operational expenses. Deep learning can provide revolutionary improvements providing competitive advantage.

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Your Risk Free Guarantee

If we are unable to meet your success criteria, your money is refunded.

Our risk free approach comes complete with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If we are unable to meet the agreed upon success criteria, your money is refunded.

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Improve Quality Inspection with AI-Driven, Real-time Insights

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