Predictive Maintenance

Stop Guessing and Start Knowing

Nobody should have to be distracted by off-quality and down time issues created when processes drift, mistakes are repeated, or problems go unnoticed. For decades, we’ve helped customers convert production data into actionable insights. Using Microsoft’s latest analytic technology, we deliver real-time advice to the factory floor.

Reduce the Impact of Problems

Wouldn’t it be great if your factory had its best day every day? It can!

Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

OEE allows you to establish a baseline performance metric for every production line giving you a tool from which to measure improvement.

Predict Maintenance Needs

Equipment maintenance schedules vary based upon usage, environment, etc. Using usage data and data science, we can develop a personalized maintenance plan for each piece of equipment.

Our Proven Process will help your team start small, think big, and go fast.

Following these three simple steps ensures that your implementation of Spyglass Connected Factory provides value that translates to your bottom line.


Listening to your line managers, we connect to your equipment and systems to start collecting data.

Train Spyglass Connected Factory

Spyglass learns to recognize recurring issues that cause down time and off quality recommending remedial action.

Reap the Benefits

When a process starts to drift, Spyglass will suggest remedial action. Using process performance reports, you can make process changes to take you to the next level.

Be The Change Agent

Instead of fighting fires, you can concentrate on mentoring your team to ensure your company remains competitive. You are the change agent.

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Bring the Power of AI to your Factory Floor

Provide a virtual production manager to avoid recurring process failures

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