High-Value Custom Assemblies Done Right -- The First Time

From start to finish, Spyglass Assembly Verification (SAV) keeps its eyes on your high-value, High-Mix Low-Volume (HMLV) assembly articles so you don’t have to.

Using Deep Learning AI, Spyglass Assembly Verification is able to read and understand Bills of Materials, parts specs, and CAD and other installation drawings in your ERP / PDM / PLM, and then correlates those documents and drawings into output that helps to ensure the article assembly happens completely and accurately.

Spyglass Assembly Verification then keeps its eyes on the article as it moves through the production process, ensuring at each station that it sees what it expects and alerting workers when it doesn’t. It lowers Total Cost of Quality by helping to prevent costly re-positioning or re-working of high-value items, and produces  even greater ROI when used to stop improperly assembled articles from reaching value-add processes like paint application.

Whether it’s airplanes, trucks, tractors, wheel loaders, or anything in between, Spyglass Assembly Verification helps to keep your HMLV articles on track and your Total Cost of Quality low.

If you think your HMLV manufacturing process might be a good fit for Spyglass Assembly Verification, or if you’d simply like more information, please contact us now.


Assemble your HMLV articles right the first time, every time -- ideal for automotive, aerospace, and other high-value assemblies

Fast Deployment

Our API can connect with whatever ERP / PDM / PLM system you have in place -- and makes that connection quick and easy

Protection Down the Line

Have as many stations as you want, and verify your assemblies are correct before every additional value add in your process

The Path to Accurate Assembly

Connect Your ERP / PDM / PLM

Our API works with any system, quickly and easily

Deep Learning AI

Our Deep Learning AI looks at your BOMs, CAD, and installation drawings, sees what needs to be done, and builds a model of what every assembly should look like

The Perfect Mentor

Spyglass Assembly Verification uses its Deep Learning model to give your workers assembly instructions at every station -- and also lets them know when something was assembled incorrectly

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