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Free 30-Day Proof of Value

According to McKinsey, only 29% of manufacturers who have piloted an Industry 4.0 project have seen ROI.

If that sounds familiar, we’re here to help you with our 30-Day Proof of Value engagement that can show you upfront how you can better detect defects and dramatically reduce your cost of quality with Spyglass Visual Inspection (SVI).

If you’re a manufacturer for whom detecting and eliminating defects would bring true value, we’d love to work with you — AT NO CHARGE — in showing you upfront just how much value SVI can deliver by building you your own Deep Learning AI model. (And yes, manufacturers are realizing millions of dollars in annual ROI from Spyglass Visual Inspection.)

Details of this Extraordinary Engagement:

  • We’ll provide you a loaner image formation and labeling kit (if you need one), and train you how to label images
  • Will also work with your existing machine vision system, if you have one
  • You label your product images and provide to us
  • We’ll use Deep Learning AI to build you a model that demonstrates the actual value that SVI can bring
  • If we can’t demonstrate value, you’re under NO obligation to proceed

The 30-Day Proof of Value program is free to you — but it’s not free to us. Since we’ll possibly be installing the image formation kit, and our data scientists will be building you the model up front, we do need a business decision-maker on your end who can vouch upfront for the impacts that identifying and eliminating defects will have on your business, and who will agree to be involved in examining the value with us after we build you the Deep Learning model.

If you can meet those requirements and are interested in reducing your cost of quality, we’d love to hear from you: Fill out the request form for the 30-Day Proof of Value engagement and let us know a little about your situation, and let’s get started!

Get Your 30-Day Proof of Value

Deep Learning Machine Vision is Disrupting the Manufacturing Sector

This eBook examines machine vision, Deep Learning, and its application to machine vision systems, as well as provides an example of how Intel technology powers such a system in the real world from the edge to the Cloud and back again.

Why Machine Vision

As an aid in quality control and quality assurance, machine vision has been used for decades in the manufacturing sector for general automation and to spot defective parts or product as it makes its way through the manufacturing process.

The Problem with Machine Vision

Although machine vision used in this capacity has indeed improved quality control, the percentage of falsely rejected or diverted product stemming from machine vision misclassification remains high.

Why Deep Learning is a True Disruptor

Deep Learning – a true disruptor in machine learning / neural network technology – provides the capability for lowering false rejects by moving machine vision analytical processes based on human knowledge to empirical, data-driven processes that function with more accuracy and greater autonomy.

One of our automotive clients has reduced false reject rates from 34% to 1.4%, saving $2 million annually

Download the eBook and see how Machine Vision, Deep Learning, and the Spyglass Visual Inspection system make it possible

Machine Vision and Deep Learning: Seeing is Believing

Want a fast, informative primer before you download the white paper? This video will get you on track:

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We're proud to bring you this eBook in partnership with Intel.

Intel technologies are powering IoT machine vision from the edge to the Cloud. Download this eBook and find out how we use Intel technology to practically eliminate false reject rates.