Machine Vision and Deep Learning Resources

Mariner builds and deploys production-grade deep-learning systems for manufacturing applications. We believe that machine learning and deep learning are poised to transform the manufacturing industry, delivering better quality, higher uptime, lower operating costs, and reduced environmental impact.

To aid this industry transformation we’re providing this collection of free resources to help the manufacturing sector better understanding machine vision, Deep Learning, and more. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Machine Vision eBook on iPadMachine Vision & Deep Learning for Manufacturers:
What It Is and How to Implement It

This white paper provides the fundamentals you’ll need to understand both machine vision and Deep Learning, as well as how we use those elements in our Spyglass Visual Inspection system.

Nvidia and SVI Fact Sheet: Glossy, Painted & Textured Surfaces

Microsoft and Nvidia love SVI so much they produced this fact sheet for us on how it works on the painted, glossy, and textured surfaces that other machine vision systems can’t handle.

Get the SVI fact sheet

Real-time industrial product inspection:
Defects in manufacturing, and how Spyglass Visual Inspection (SVI) solves them

We’re Microsoft’s 2020 Global Partner of the Year for IoT, and in this Microsoft-produced eBook they tell you why. Download it for a quick read on defects in manufacturing, how SVI solves them with quick time-to-value, and some real-world numbers on the savings that our manufacturing customers have realized.

Microsoft Machine Vision and Deep Learning / Spyglass Visual Inspection Infographic

Want to pick up some easily-learned facts about machine vision, Deep Learning, and Spyglass Visual Inspection? Microsoft created this infographic exactly for that purpose. Get it right here and check out how model training, real-time AI detection and classification of defects, and monitoring / root-cause analysis all work together in Spyglass Visual Inspection to truly bring transformation to the manufacturing process.

Spyglass Visual Inspection Video

Is seeing believing? Watch this short, informative overview video on Spyglass Visual Inspection, machine vision, and Deep Learning, and decide for yourself.

WardsAuto WEBINAR: Eliminating Assembly Errors in High-Mix, Low-Volume (HMLV) Manufacturing

Learn About:

  • Why HMLV manufacturers struggle with proper assembly
  • How Spyglass Assembly Verification eliminates those struggles
  • Benefits of Spyglass Assembly Verification

WardsAuto WEBINAR: Fewer Defects, Faster Speed with Spyglass Visual Inspection

Learn about:

  • The state of IoT in the automotive industry
  • Shortcomings of traditional machine vision systems
  • Using Deep Learning AI to better identify defects and eliminate false positives
  • How customers are benefiting from Spyglass Visual Inspection

WEBINAR: The Efficiency Edge – Why Technology & Training are Critical to Post-COVID Business Success

COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of digital technology and transformed businesses forever. Hear four expert panelists discuss strategies and business practices on how to stay competitive in this new business and economic environment.

NED Webinar: Reducing the Cost of Quality

Learn about:

  • The cost of quality
  • Why AI has so far disappointed many manufacturers
  • How Deep Learning can achieve upwards of 30X improvements over traditional machine vision systems

Vision Systems Design WEBINAR: Leveraging Deep Learning and AI Applications

Learn About:

  • Cloud Limitations
  • Latest on the edge, hybrid edge/cloud setups for Industry 4.0
  • How Intel and Microsoft technologies can help make it all come together.

IndustryWeek WEBINAR: Leveraging Deep Learning and AI Applications in Manufacturing

Learn About: 

  • Why the Cloud has limitations for AI and Deep Learning on the factory floor.
  • Why on-premise is fashionable again; now they call it “edge computing.”
  • Why factory-floor AI and Deep Learning need both a hybrid edge/cloud to truly deliver 4.0 Smart Factory capabilities.

WEBINAR: How AI is Transforming Manufacturing

Sponsored by Conexus as part of their Emerging Technology Showcase series highlights how Mariner has applied deep learning to the problem of false rejects in machine vision applications.

Vision Systems Design WEBINAR: How to Deploy AI and Deep Learning for Quality Inspection

Learn About:

  • Real-life success stories involving the company’s GPU-powered deep learning software for quality inspection.
  • How SVI can dramatically improve visual inspection accuracy, deliver a 30X reduction in false rejections, and make considerable process improvements that drive significant business value.