Mariner Awarded 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year for IoT

We are both humbled and honored to be awarded this for all the hard work Mariner has contributed to solving our manufacturing customer's quality inspection problems.

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Deep Learning vs Traditional Machine Vision

Automated visual inspection systems give manufacturers the ability to monitor and respond to production issues in real time, reducing costs and improving quality.

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Spyglass Foundation: The Lean Path to Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is THE buzz word in many industries these days, and no-less in manufacturing.

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CEO to CEO Series: Vision Systems, Deep Learning & Defect Detection

Modern deep learning and neural network technology can dramatically improve the quality of the scoring results.

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Is it Hard to Successfully Deploy and Scale IoT Solutions?

Earlier this year, McKinsey & Co. published the findings of their latest Industry 4.0 survey. The survey contained some interesting findings. 

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OEE and Spyglass – A Primer for Manufacturing CFOs

“I know you believe this can really help my company, but why exactly?”

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AI in Manufacturing, Manufacturing CEO, predictive maintenance

CEO to CEO Series: The Magic of AI

Our CEO to CEO series continues with our perspective on how AI is having a profound impact in manufacturing. In many ways, AI is just like magic.

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Microsoft Azure IoT, AI in Manufacturing, American Manufacturing Summit

American Manufacturing Summit – #MFGUS19

Spyglass joins Microsoft at the 2019 American Manufacturing Summit to bring AI and IIoT to life for manufacturing executives

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AI in Manufacturing, Deep Learning Image Recognition, Quality Analytics, Defect Detection, Industry 4.0

Announcing Spyglass Visual Inspection

Announcing the immediate availability of Spyglass Visual Inspection. Spyglass harnesses the power of AI, IIoT, and image recognition to intelligently minimize defects and improve product quality

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predictive maintenance, condition-based maintenance, OEE, manufacturing, analytics, asset reliability

What happens when critical machines fail?

Rapid advances in predictive maintenance mean that maintenance managers no longer need to look in the rear view mirror to fix machines after they fail.

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AI, Industry 4.0, Manufacturing

CEO to CEO Series: Every manufacturer must become an AI company

Our CEO launches a monthly blog series for Manufacturing CEOs. In this first post, he makes the case for why CEOs need to lead from the front on the AI opportunity.

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operational excellence, industry 4.0, IIoT, AI

Peak Performance and Mariner Spyglass Announce New Partnership

Peak Performance and Spyglass form a partnership to enable manufacturers to acheive operational excellence with people, process, and technology solutions.

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