Mariner provides manufacturers with technology solutions that leverage IoT, AI and deep learning to improve operational effectiveness, increase quality and gain competitive advantage. We jump start and sustain manufacturers’ Industry 4.0 journey.

Mariner – improving your products and how they are made:

  • Improve production asset utilization using condition-based & predictive maintenance technologies to monitor and alert for outage conditions before they occur
  • Provide global visibility into the current and historical performance of production lines
  • Improve quality monitoring factors that most influence it
  • Initiate better informed field service when failure conditions are identified
  • Reduce customer acquisition and retention costs by reducing production costs and improving service levels of your products
  • Create new revenue streams providing the ability to bundle a service contract with your product to stay close to your customer and provide previously unattainable service levels
  • Provide innovative product enhancements using data collected from product and applying it to new design engineering

Mariner's Heritage

Since our beginning in 1998, we have worked hard to positively affect the bottom line for customers we serve.  Our holistic approach to business solutions means that we don’t just think in terms of today’s problem, technology or solution.  We develop pathways for an organization to continue to evolve based on sound technology, a firm understanding of the company’s short and long-term goals and an appreciation for the company’s culture.

We are a leading Microsoft Gold Partner, leading the charge to apply well-known and well-liked Microsoft technology to digital business strategies.

Our Core Purpose

Our core purpose is “Insight to Achieve” for both our clients and our consultants. For our clients, we provide the insight to help them achieve their goals with business strategies and technologies. For our consultants, we help them achieve their individual goals by giving them the tools, training, experiences and life-work balance to achieve their professional and personal goals.

Meet Our Team

Phil Morris

CEO & Co-Founder

Phil is responsible for defining and executing the business strategy and strategic alliances for Mariner. Phil has spent 25 years in manufacturing information technology responsible for both administrative and factory floor systems.

Joseph Guy

COO & Co-Founder

Joe leads all business operations, product implementation and support for Mariner. Joe has been an IT entrepreneur and practitioner for over 25 years and managed the business and consulting operations for Mariner for 20 years across solution delivery and customer service.

Peter Darragh

EVP Product Engineering

Peter defines and executes the product roadmap for Mariner. Peter has over 30 years’ experience designing and implementing IT solutions across many industries. That experience includes over 15 years in data warehousing and analytics, 5 years in IoT and 3 years in Machine Learning.

Rob Capozziello

EVP Services

Rob leads Mariner’s services team and draws from 30+ years of experience delivering strategic systems solutions and services to diverse businesses and industries. Prior to joining Mariner, Rob served as chief information officer for a number of firms and in leadership roles with several consulting firms delivering strategic IT planning, business alignment and solution architecture services.

Stephen Welch

VP of Data Science

Stephen leads a team developing deep-learning based solutions for manufacturing applications. Stephen strives to not just develop strong technology, but to explain and communicate results in clear and accessible ways.  He is an adjunct professor at UNCC and is the author of the educational YouTube channel Welch Labs, which has earned 200k+ subscribers and 10M+ views. Stephen holds 10+ US patents, and engineering degrees from Georgia Tech and UC Berkeley.