Improve Quality

Rather than fix your quality problems, solve them while reducing your operational costs.

Increase Asset Reliability

Apply reliability-centered maintenance strategies to optimize plant productivity.

Improve Performance

Manage your production lines like they’re being run by your best operators. Make every day their best day.

Drive Change with Confidence

Jumpstart Your Digital Transformation into Industry 4.0

Change is risky. When you’ve exhausted the traditional operational improvement methods, we’ll help you uncover the insights needed to achieve more. Using our guaranteed approach to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can become the agent of change you envision and enjoy the industry recognition you deserve.

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Unreliable and inaccurate machine vision systems lower productivity, increase costs and frustrate employees. Seize the opportunity to reduce false positive rates without incurring enormous expense.

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Late, contradictory and incomplete operational data leaves you in the dark. Reclaim your ability to assess, predict and solve issues before they become a problem. Stop guessing – Start knowing.

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The Mariner Method

Proceed with confidence through four simple steps to success

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First, we’ll discuss the challenges that you would like to address. Together, we’ll select a problem to solve.

Define Success

Next, we’ll agree upon the definition of success.

Uncover The Data

We will identify the data sources available to address the problem and create an AI model.

Validate the Solution

Finally, we’ll ensure the model meets the objectives that we set together.

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Your Risk Free Guarantee

If we are unable to meet your success criteria, your money is refunded.

Our risk free approach comes complete with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If we are unable to meet the agreed upon success criteria, your money is refunded.

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Leverage AI, Deep Learning, and IoT to improve your products and how they are made.

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